Chip Off

Adams-Maxwell, located in Southern California, now offers a five day training workshop in chip-off forensics, which includes full training and instruction on effective use of the 1820 Chip Off System. Those who complete the training will receive a training ceritficate, and also qualify for discounted pricing on the 1820 Chip Off System.

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Chip-off System
A new product line to assit in Computer Forensics, especially Cell Phone and Memory Forensics

Chip Off

1820 Chip-Off System

Over-heating a memory chip can Damage or Destroy the information stored. The features of the 1820 Chip-Off allow for precise temperature control, ease of use, and consistent results ensuring the integrity of the memory. The 1820
provides the features and quality of an expensive machine... at a fraction of the cost!

Features of the 1820:

- Digital Readout
- Laser Focused Temperature Probe
- High Intensity UV Lamp
- Hot Plate
- Safety Glass
- Made in the USA

The 1820 Chip-off System has been designed to remove components from cell phone and computer PC boards, and specifically engineered for preserving all data stored on memory chips. Once removed, the chips remain intact, and can then be read, and translated using proper techniques and procedures offered by The Computer Crime Institute.

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Chip-off Accessories
A list of items required to successfully access, dump, and read files from Memory Chips

The Chip-off process is intricate, and requires the correct tools. We have several different packages to ensure your Chip-off procedure is seemless, quick, and efficient. We have contracted with several manufacturing companies to provide low-cost, yet high-quality accessories.

Package 1 - Professional Lab

1820 Chip-off Machine, UP828 Chip reader, Hot-Plate, Solder Rework Station, Magnifying lamp, Microscope, Cell Phone tool kit, Solder Balls, RIFF Box, 7 Common Adapter boards, IP Box Iphone Unlock Tool, Z3xPro Jtag Box

Package 2 - Starter Lab

1820 Chip-off Macine, UP828 Chip Reader, Solder Rework Station, Microscope, Cell Phone Tool Kit

Package 3 - The Minimalist Lab

1820 Chip-off Machine, UP828 Chip Reader

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